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  • Reads Listens Views 6/11/2012

    Film Study is a Dangerous Job My life has been a whirlwind these past two months. In addition to writing the 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio here’s the rest of the past eight weeks: Writing a 50-plus-page, RSP Post-Draft Edition Penning three columns as a preview for my forthcoming Futures column at FootballOutsiders.com. Contributing heavily to […]

  • Vote for the Winner of the RSP Caption Contest

    I had a chance to have lunch or dinner with each of these guys at least once in Mobile, but never at the right time to have them judge the caption. So I had some folks help me narrow the entries. Here are the top seven for the photo in a poll. Vote for the […]

  • Reads, Listens, Views 1/27/12

    The RSP Caption Contest Winner is…. Having to play catch up. I thought I’d have it later in the day but I changed this entry to reflect the entry I made later about readers voting on it. Views Marvin Jones Highlights from 2010 (Hat tip to ninersnation.com for mentioning my blog and finding this highlight […]

  • Reads Listens Views 1/20/2012

    It has been a little over 24 hours since I announced the RSP Photo Caption Contest and the response has been good. Cecil, Chad, Michael, and Wes will be judging the quality of the captions on Wednesday after Senior Bowl practices. Since I’m just the tiebreaker, I thought I’d list some of the early favorites […]

  • RSP Caption Contest: Win a free RSP

    I lifted this photo from Cecil Lammey’s Facebook page. You have one week from tonight to give me a fitting caption for this photo. Make it funny, but keep it (reasonably) cool. If you want the nomination to even come before the judges panel don’t cross the line. Most likely we’ll all be having dinner […]

  • RSP Football Writers Project

    Secretly, we all want to build a football team. It’s why we’re passionate about every player recruited, drafted, traded, and signed. It’s why we play fantasy football. It’s why many of us are fanatical about the NFL draft. After a few weeks of my rants to Footballguys writer Sigmund Bloom about Steelers tight end Heath […]

  • Suggested Reading

    In recent weeks there have been a lot of new readers to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. This site is constantly evolving and one of the things I intend to do during the next few weeks is to add a page that categorizes links to every article on the blog for easier navigation. Whether you’re new […]

  • Conversation with Wes Bunting-Part IV

    Waldman: Let’s talk about college football since the draft is your baby at the National Football Post. Tell me about some skill players that are not headliners, but they are prospects that those of us who follow the NFL Draft should become acquainted with. Bunting: Running back Doug Martin from Boise State.

  • Conversation with Wes Bunting Part III

    National Football Post’s Wes Bunting has been a featured interview this week at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Blog. Here are links to Parts I and II of his conversations. In Part III, Bunting discusses rookies making a good impression, young players in good situations, and young players in difficult situations. Bunting also reveals the players […]

  • Conversation with Wes Bunting – Part II

    Wes Bunting is a little like one of his mentors, former NFL offensive coordinator and current Montreal head coach Marc Trestman. Both got their start in the business early. Bunting earned his job as the National Football Post’s Director of College Scouting straight out of college after impressing Michael Lombardi as an intern. In Part […]