2012 RSP Writers Project Update

The RSP Football Writers Project is no fantasy league. You'll pay the price for taking a player the caliber of Tom Brady. Photo by Jeffrey Beall.

This project has generated a lot of positive feedback on the blog. Readers want to build teams with the guidelines we provide you and they have sent me questions to ask you (I have over 100 to choose from).

Just to refresh your memory, here’s the basics of the project:

The RSP Football Writers Project will include various football writers from around the country. They will each create a football team. They will be selecting these players from salary tiers provided for every player in football on a spreadsheet. Each football writer will have a salary cap. The job is to pick a team (starters and depth at each position) and then explain in writing the personnel decisions relative to salary, experience, talent, and system they plan to use on offense and defense. Think of it like one of those fantasy football games where you can pick any player (so no draft) but have to fit it in under the cap. The difference is more thought and care to an overall team concept is given and we’re not competing with the teams just presenting them and answering questions.

So far we have 24 participants – including the readers’ generated team – and there may be a few more before the month is over. Sigmund Bloom is developing the salary guidelines for the players and we have determined a basic schedule for the project:

In two weeks, sometime Super Bowl week, we’ll email the salary cap amount, roster size, and player salary-grade scale that we’ll be using to determine player salaries. I will post this for you guys to see and comment. This should give you a general idea of the values of positions and in some respects, the individual players within those positions.

Around the time of the NFL Combine, we’ll email the spreadsheet with the player values and a Q&A form to the participants. Once this is emailed, they will have 4-6 weeks to build a team and answer the questions. I’ll nail down the exact range within the next month. I’ll also post this form on the site so you can build a team if you wish or provide questions and feedback.

After we receive everyone’s team and Q&A form, I’ll contact each individual to do a team-specific Q&A.

After the NFL Draft I will begin posting the content on the blog. I will also post some individual reader teams as well. Should be a lot of fun.

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