Mike MacGregor: Evolution of Fantasy Football Players

Play me or your friends in free games of one-on-one fantasy football.

Mike MacGregor is the founder of the 1-on-1 game, FantasyThrowdown.com. and I thought I’d share his message with you about the evolution of the hobby and the people playing it. 

Evolution of Fantasy Football Players

We are right in the thick of traditional fantasy football league playoff time, Weeks 14-16 of the NFL season, and a lot of our players are concentrating on those playoffs over playing their typical slate of Fantasy Throwdown games.

That’s cool, and we’re perfectly fine with that. One of the great things about Fantasy Throwdown, in our not entirely humble opinion, is that you can play a lot, or play a little. It is completely flexible since we are playing new games week to week. Got the latest project off your desk? Time to challenge some people to a game of Throwdown. Busy week ahead? Scale back the challenges or take a week off. It’s all good – just don’t forget to come back!

For those of us who have played fantasy football for a dozen or so years, give or take, the natural evolution of our lives probably has gone from Mr. No Responsibility, lots of free time, living in the bachelor pad that turned into the weekend sports bar (without the hot waitresses) for the boys to kick back and watch football (college and pro) from dawn to dusk, all the while jawing about our fantasy football teams, and taunting your best buddy, “I told you not to draft Terry Allen!” (circa, 1997).

Sorry, got off track there as I walked down memory lane. That was the old life. What that evolved to (a.k.a. the new life) is Mr. Family Man, work stretches beyond both ends of 9 to 5, probably promoted to some kind of management position which is stressful because the 20-somethings working for you take no pride in the quality of their work. From there you’re running home, and taking your 2.5 kids to their activities, balancing the finances, fixing stuff around the house and all the while keeping the wife happy.

Not an easy task, and how does fantasy football possibly fit into the new life? Fantasy Throwdown is one answer to that. Big commitment? Nope. Get a dozen buddies together? Nope. Manage a team with weekly waivers and trade proposals to respond to? Nope. However… Thrill and skill of the draft? Yep. Play against one person, head to head? Yep. Feels like traditional fantasy football? Yep.

It’s like, as our own lives evolved as described above, Fantasy Throwdown made more and more sense so we can keep playing the game of fantasy football that we love. Damn, we’ve got a good thing going here. And even if your fantasy league playoffs are in full swing right now, those leagues are wrapping up soon. Hopefully they haven’t wrapped up for you just yet!

When your other season is done though, whether due to an early playoff exit thanks to DeMarco Murray’s unexpected fractured ankle early in the game last week, or after hoisting your league’s championship trophy, Fantasy Throwdown will be right here, ready for you. We’ll be here right through the NFL Playoffs.

And what are you going to do otherwise, anyway? Prep for your fantasy baseball draft that is still another three months away? Didn’t think so.

Editor’s Note: The game is intuitive to learn. Here’s a quick tutorial.

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