An RSP Flashback: QB Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer wasn’t a top prospect for draft analysts, but his skills revealed a promising player worthy of development. Photo by The Brit_2

An excerpt from the 2009 RSP on Browns QB Brian Hoyer, who I saw as a backup with developmental potential as a future starter.

Brian Hoyer, Michigan State: I think Hoyer has a greater chance to be a success than Brady-in-a-Box candidates Tom Brandstater and Hunter Cantwell. The reasons are pretty clear when you examine Hoyer’s game. He’s a strong-armed passer with no major issues with his delivery and is capable of pinpoint accuracy in the intermediate and deep range.

Hoyer has good pocket presence he’s always looking down field and he can step away from pressure. He throws well while rolling right or left on short routes. He possesses the maturity to throw the ball away. He shows some ability to look off the coverage.

He throws well while rolling right or left on short routes. Hoyer will throw the ball away and he shows some ability to look off the coverage. He possesses decent play fakes and pump fakes. He can take a hit and come back to deliver a good pass on the next play.

He just has to shore up minor footwork issues with his set up to address the problem. Hoyer moves and throws well moving to his left as a right-handed passer, and I think this a very good sign that he’ll be able to refine his other issues.

What I like about Hoyer the most is whenever I watched him experience a bad play, he would frequently follow up with a strong play. He didn’t play with a great receiving corps and I watched two games where he had a total of 13 drops – 10 of them in one game alone. He demonstrated patience and I liked that he didn’t mind throwing the ball out of bounds when he couldn’t spot anyone open. He doesn’t appear to get rattled.  Hoyer makes very good throws under pressure while behind in this game.

He’s a reasonably mature player who plays within himself and was able to guide the Spartans to a winning season in a tough Big Ten Conference. He also impressed with his performance in the East-West Shrine Game practices. I actually considered listing Hoyer as underrated, but I think he’ll be brought a long slower with lower expectations so that makes him a project in my eyes. He’s one of those players that could surprise 3-5 years into his NFL career, if drafted.

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