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  • RSP Flashback-NFL Fastforward: QB Mike Kafka

    Marty Mornhinweg said 2010 rookie quarterback Mike Kafka is the best first-year passer he’s seen pick up an offense in over 15 years. In training camp this year, the only question about Kafka has been his arm strength. Last Sunday when Mike Vick collided with his own lineman and suffered a concussion and Vince Young […]

  • Reads, Listens, Views…and Preseason Takes 8/13

    Preseason football is underway and before you know it, college football. Thank you to those of you who are making the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Blog a part of your regular reading schedule. As I’ve been saying weekly, if you like what you’ve seen thus far, please consider these three acts of kindness: Subscribe to this […]

  • An RSP Flashback: QB Brian Hoyer

    An excerpt from the 2009 RSP on Browns QB Brian Hoyer, who I saw as a backup with developmental potential as a future starter. Brian Hoyer, Michigan State: I think Hoyer has a greater chance to be a success than Brady-in-a-Box candidates Tom Brandstater and Hunter Cantwell. The reasons are pretty clear when you examine […]