Hall of Fame and Tweets 8/6

Lott's bust even looks fierce. Might be the best rendition of any player in that sense.
A couple of months ago I had a chance to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here’s the link to the original post with a slideshow of the exhibit.

Blaine Gabbert

ChrisWesseling: From @PriscoCBS: What I saw from Gabbert is “like nothing I’ve witnessed on any #Jaguars‘ practice field in 16 years.” http://bit.ly/ptc4Mw

There are some scouts around the league who wonder about Gabbert’s toughness. They say he will look good when there is no real pressure. The Jaguars don’t buy it.

One team source said he’s as tough a quarterback as he’s seen on tape.

My Take: Pete Prisco hasn’t seen much in Jacksonville in 18 years when it comes to franchise-caliber quarterbacks. He also clearly hasn’t watched enough tape of Gabbert to use the same perceives “phantom pressure,” gambit that every evaluator with a Twitter account has said about the rookie.

But the CBS curmudgeon-in-training does get it right when he compares Gabbert’s arm, movement, and skill to look down field to Ben Roethlisberger. I saw plenty of those flashes from him. He’s naturally a gunslinger in the mode of Roethlisberger and Brett Favre. His throwing motion at times when he’s on the move looks like like Favre.

This likely means that “Sunshine” will take risks that will earn him the equal doses of praise and frustration early in his career. Whether he can figure out when and when not to rely on this physical gifts and emerge a wise decision maker will be the big question for the next 2-3 years. Best QB prospect in this draft though. I’ll keep saying it until you guys see it for yourself.

Lance Kendricks

DonBanks: At Rams camp, where rookie tight end Lance Kendricks is off to a star-of-camp start early on. The 2nd-rd pick is going to be a weapon.
My Take: Kendricks has the best combination of skills for a tight end on the Rams roster. He might not have ideal run blocker size, but you don’t play at Wisconsin without proving you can be effective in the run game. As long as he stays healthy, Kendricks should have a strong rookie year as a receiver.
Tavaris Jackson
FO_DougFarrar: T. Jackson. You can see the appeal. Quick in every aspect — dropback, motion, read(s). OK touch on short passes. Must develop sense of game.
My Take: If he hasn’t developed that sense of game now I don’t think it’s going to happen. Vince Young and Michael Vick always had a sense of game. They just didn’t work hard enough on the technique necessary to maximize their sense of the game. Big difference. Blaine Gabbert and Nate Davis have a sense of game, even if they take risks. “Sense of game” is an esoteric concept, because it’s really a number of things combined into one phrase. Jackson just lacks those things.
Denarius Moore
SigmundBloom: Denarius. Moore. get to know that name RT @VittorioTafur After Moore’s last catch, Hue said “Mama, there goes that man again” #Raiders
My Take: Moore is a little raw, but he’s mega-talented. The kind of mega-talented that you’re going to see things from him early on that will excite the hell out of you. He’s going to see the field early, but expect equal thrills and moments of consternation.
What I love about Moore is his athleticism. He’s going to get behind cornerbacks. He’s going to make impressive catches. And he’s going to make defenders look silly in the open field.
How consistently he can do the little things to earn a spot in a starting lineup as a rookie is the big question. With Oakland’s receiving corps it might not matter. I’ll tell you this fantasy owners: I’ve had him stashed as a waiver wire pickup in dynasty league drafts. In one league, I didn’t even have a draft pick and I added him. He’s about to be a lot harder to acquire for free.

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  1. I’ve taken a flier on a couple young WRs and can hold them until the start of the season. Out of these 4 WRs who would you hold onto in a dynasty league with .5 ppr? Eric Decker, Randall Cobb, Denarius Moore, and Greg Salas…I have a pretty solid team and these guys would all be developmental for the next 2 years. Thanks!

    • I’d hold onto all of them. Cobb and Moore are big play guys. Salas and Decker are technicians with more physical talent than credited. If I had to chose one it would be Cobb in a landslide.

      • Interesting…I’ve liked what I’ve heard about Cobb so far. I may be able to get away with just cutting one of these guys. I’m leaning toward cutting Salas in that scenario.

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