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  • Mike Glennon + Blaine Gabbert + Aaron Schatz = A 2011-2013 RSP Mashup

    Mike Glennon + Blaine Gabbert + Aaron Schatz = A 2011-2013 RSP Mashup

    Football Outsiders Chief Aaron Schatz asked me a great question yesterday. One that I imagine some people with my business interests in mind would tell me not to answer within the context of a book season where I’m trying to generate sales. They want me to say – and only say – I was the […]

  • Coming of Age: Young Vets to Watch

    Something I emphasize when it comes to fan expectations of young players transitioning from college to the NFL is to account for the Great Emotional Divide. College football is an insulated world where university athletic programs fill its players’ time with a full slate of activities so there is little idle time. Moreover, these programs […]

  • Reader Email Bag

    This email bag includes topics pertaining to Robert Turbin, Blaine Gabbert, physical skills and techniques I value from players at each skill position, and of course, Mario Manningham. (From Alexandra): When evaluating a player entering the draft, what are the positives of his skills that make a difference once in the NFL, and what are […]

  • Tuesday (Wee) Morning Thoughts on Blaine Gabbert

    Scared. That’s how most will characterize Blaine Gabbert’s performance from the pocket on Monday Night Football. It’s how I see it. It’s hard not to see it this way after watching several of Gabbert’s rookie performances. When the rookie throws the ball, even from a reasonably clean pocket, he doesn’t follow through by shifting his […]

  • Hall of Fame and Tweets 8/6

    A couple of months ago I had a chance to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here’s the link to the original post with a slideshow of the exhibit. Blaine Gabbert ChrisWesseling: From @PriscoCBS: What I saw from Gabbert is “like nothing I’ve witnessed on any #Jaguars‘ practice field in 16 years.” http://bit.ly/ptc4Mw

  • Eye Catching Tweets From NFL Camps 8/3

      Twitter is a great place to get camp updates but they come so fast and furious, I thought I’d pick a few about rookies from various beat writers and provide my takes on these quick reports.     Blaine Gabbert: @Taniaganguli‘ s piece on Blaine Gabbert’s defense of David Garrard provide a glimpse of […]