• Announcing The Third Annual RSP Writers’ Project

    Announcing The Third Annual RSP Writers’ Project

    The mission of the RSP Writers’ Project is to encourage writers and readers to expand their understanding of pro football through a written exercise. The first RSPWP was an exercise in team building with a salary cap. Several football writers, analysts, and former NFL scouts built teams and provided a written account of their process, […]

  • Coming Soon at the RSP Blog

    When it has come to this blog, I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks writing the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Post-Draft and some soon-to-be released Gut Check columns at Footballguys. Once I get fully into my spring-summer groove, I’ll have content for the blog. How long will it take? Maybe another week. Part […]

  • Mike Glennon + Blaine Gabbert + Aaron Schatz = A 2011-2013 RSP Mashup

    Mike Glennon + Blaine Gabbert + Aaron Schatz = A 2011-2013 RSP Mashup

    Football Outsiders Chief Aaron Schatz asked me a great question yesterday. One that I imagine some people with my business interests in mind would tell me not to answer within the context of a book season where I’m trying to generate sales. They want me to say – and only say – I was the […]

  • RSPWP2: Recent Analysis

    RSPWP2: Recent Analysis

    As we get into the meaty portion of the draft phase for the Second Annual Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project, the pick analysis will be less frequent. We’re giving writers more slack to deliver pick analysis after each selection. If they want to write blurbs, they will. If not, we’ll catch them at the end […]

  • Reads Listens Views 3/15/2013

    Reads Listens Views 3/15/2013

    2013 RSP Update I’m well into publication mode with April 1 approaching fast.  Thanks to all of you who read the blog, follow me on Twitter, and purchase the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication. Available for download every April 1 (no joke) for going on eight years, the RSP is an online .PDF publication devoted to the […]

  • Reads Listens Views 3/8/13

    Reads Listens Views 3/8/13

    If you think of me when you see these three players – among others – you don’t need me to say any more. If you don’t, perhaps its time to starting downloading the RSP publication every April 1 Based on eight years of experience, you’ll thank me later. But first . . . What is Reads […]

  • RSPWP2: Waldman’s Early Thoughts

    RSPWP2: Waldman’s Early Thoughts

    I love this draft. It has defensive-minded Jene Bramel taking gunslinger Jay Cutler, yours truly ditching offense for two monolithic bad boys with wheels on the defensive line, and Football Outsiders’ founder Aaron Schatz talking intangibles. Intangibles! I have to admit, this project is a lot more fun that I even anticipated. The writers we have […]

  • RSP Writers Project No.2 (RSPWP2): Draft In Progress

    RSP Writers Project No.2 (RSPWP2): Draft In Progress

    The RSP Writers Project is a collection of football writers, analysts, and former scouts who participate in a now-annual event designed to share thoughts about pro football through an exercise. Last year we selected full rosters with salary caps and required each writer to develop a scheme on each side of the ball and even […]