Announcing The Third Annual RSP Writers’ Project

Philip Rivers is an aggressive, 50/50-ball passer . . .   Photo by San Diego Shooter.
Philip Rivers Photo by San Diego Shooter.

The mission of the RSP Writers’ Project is to encourage writers and readers to expand their understanding of pro football through a written exercise. The first RSPWP was an exercise in team building with a salary cap. Several football writers, analysts, and former NFL scouts built teams and provided a written account of their process, strategy, and outline of the schemes they’d use to match the talent. The RSPWP2 was a draft held on the blog and Twitter.

This year’s RSPWP is a different take on team building. I am putting the finishing touches on 15-20 written scenarios based on true NFL stories provided to me from current and former NFL employees (scouts, players, and consultants). In each scenario, the participating writer will be the general manager of an NFL team faced with a decision.

One-third of these scenarios may elicit responses of disbelief and skepticism from both readers and writers. However, I am assured that the essence of these stories–that I have rewritten with enough creative license to protect my sources, the players, and the management involved–are true.

I have shown these scenarios to a former scout and a former player to cross-check the viability of these specific tales. The scenarios elicited immediately laughter, because according to them, “it’s exactly the kind of thing that would happen.”

At the same time, I also got some worthwhile feedback to make sure that my creative license to disguise the actual scenarios were realistic. Thanks to those of you who helped–you know who you are.

The rest of these scenarios are not as controversial or salacious, but important situations that factor into a general manager’s decision-making. The participating writers will each be assigned two scenarios and they will have to explain their decisions in detail.

Once a scenario has been addressed, I will post what the actual decision was (without naming names, teams, or players) so you can see how the NFL handled it.

GM Scenarios (As assigned)

Running list of confirmed participants:

  • Alessandro Miglio
  • Arif Hasan
  • Ben Muth
  • Cian Fahey
  • Chris Trapasso
  • Eric Edholm
  • Eric Galko
  • Ethan Hammerman
  • Ian Kenyon
  • Jason Wood
  • Jene Bramel
  • Joe Goodberry
  • Josh Liskiewitz
  • Lance Zierlein
  • Michael Schottey
  • Michael Schuttke
  • Rivers McCown
  • Ryan Riddle
  • Scott Kacsmar
  • Sigmund Bloom

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