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  • My First Draft RSP Writers Team – Offensive Line

    The Rookie Scouting Portfolio Football Writers Project is an all-star cast of football writers, former scouts, and draft analysts on the Internet. Their mission is to take a month to build a 53-man roster with a $160 million salary cap and present the team here. You can use the same information to build your own […]

  • First Draft of My RSP Writer’s Project Team – Offensive Skill Players

    The consensus opinion after 24 hours is that building a team for the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Football Writers Project is challenging and addictive (download the spreadsheet and instructions at the bottom of this post). By the way, there are more player value updates coming Tuesday afternoon for those asking about guys not listed on the […]

  • The Rookie Scouting Portfolio Writers Project Begins!

    The Mission Each of you has been given complete control over an NFL franchise. Your mission is to do the following by 11:59 pm Eastern Time, Friday, July 20: Build a 53-man roster within the confines of a $160 million salary cap Provide player-personnel analysis of your complete roster Answer the questions listed in the […]

  • 2012 RSP Writers Project Update

    This project has generated a lot of positive feedback on the blog. Readers want to build teams with the guidelines we provide you and they have sent me questions to ask you (I have over 100 to choose from). Just to refresh your memory, here’s the basics of the project: The RSP Football Writers Project […]

  • RSP Football Writers Project: The Readers Team

    Last week, I announced the RSP Football Writers Project, which is the collection of terrific football writers who will each be given 4-6 weeks to construct an NFL team from scratch within the constraints of a salary cap. Fellow Footballguys.com writer Sigmund Bloom and I will be developing the salary list, personnel requirements, and fundamental […]

  • RSP Football Writers Project

    Secretly, we all want to build a football team. It’s why we’re passionate about every player recruited, drafted, traded, and signed. It’s why we play fantasy football. It’s why many of us are fanatical about the NFL draft. After a few weeks of my rants to Footballguys writer Sigmund Bloom about Steelers tight end Heath […]