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  • RSP Flashback: Demaryius Thomas

    RSP Flashback: Demaryius Thomas

    One of the most common questions I get from new readers is What did you think about [insert player name here] before [NFL team] drafted him? For the next month, I’m posting scouting reports and/or thoughts on some of my bigger hits, misses, and lingering questions when it comes to the past eight years of evaluating rookies for […]

  • 2013 RSP Publication Update

    2013 RSP Publication Update

    Good Morning. One day before the 2013 RSP will be available for download at mattwaldman.com and I thought you’d like a status update. I just finished writing the final section of the publication and tomorrow I will be reviewing edits and constructing the publication. As soon as the construction of the document is ready, I […]