2013 RSP Publication Update

Catch your copy of the 2013 RSP on April 1. Photo by Joint Base Lewis McChord.
Catch your copy of the 2013 RSP on April 1. Photo by Joint Base Lewis McChord.

Good Morning.

One day before the 2013 RSP will be available for download at mattwaldman.com and I thought you’d like a status update. I just finished writing the final section of the publication and tomorrow I will be reviewing edits and constructing the publication. As soon as the construction of the document is ready, I will uploading it to the site for download.

I have no estimated timeline in terms of hour it will be ready, but I can give you some details about the publication:

  • 175 players
    • 19 QBs
    • 48 RBs
    • 80 WRs
    • 28 TEs
  • Front of the book: 203 pages of analysis
    • NFL Draft and fantasy overviews of each position
      • Historical draft data by position
      • Historical production data by round
    • Skill breakdowns
      • NEW: Ease of Fix Analysis by position
      • Skill chart rankings by position
        • Best
        • Needs Improvement
        • Worst
    • Notable players at each position
      • Overrated
      • Underrated
      • Projects
    • Player Profiles/Rankings
      • 19 QBs
      • Top 45 RBs
      • Top 45 WRs
      • Top 20 TEs
    • Ranking and Comaprison Cheatsheets and with commentary
      • 19 QBs
      • 45 RBs
      • 60 WRs
      • 27 TEs
  • Not included in the 203 pages:
    • A 15-page glossary of defined criteria I use for my play-by-play my analysis
    • A 37-page Abbreviated Draft Guide

As far as the play-by-play notes and grading checklists, I haven’t gotten to it yet. But when  you combine this 203-page rookie analysis publication with several hundred pages of my notes and player reports organized alphabetically by player position, you’re probably looking at 1000 pages of skill player madness.

Past copies are also available at http://www.mattwaldman.com and remember, 10 percent of every sale goes to Darkness to Light, a non-profit devoted to training communities to prevent sexual abuse.

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