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  • Reads Listens Views 8/17/2012

    It’s fitting that this video tribute to Carl Pickens was set to the song made famous by the movie “Deliverance.” Because when Pickens went to Tennessee his demise made the Titans fans want to SQUEEEEEEE… It’s okay, Carl. You were a terrific receiver. Scavenger Hunt – Win a Free 2012 RSP Somewhere in this blog […]

  • 2012 Post-Draft Skill Player Impressions Part-I

    I don’t believe in grading the draft. Many of my colleagues, ones I respect a great deal, will be providing draft grades this week. Some of them will say that they don’t believe a draft can be graded accurately for a few years, but two paragraphs later they are grading away like they’re teaching middle […]

  • No-Huddle Series: RB Chris Polk, Washington

    I lied to you. The RSP No-Huddle Series was something I initially created to write about prospects likely to get drafted in the late rounds, if at all. I’m still going to do more of those players, but sometimes there are plays you remember that you want to share with people. One of these plays […]

  • RSP Combine Contest: Guess the 40 Times

    RSP Combine Contest: Guess the 40 Times

    I’m not big proponent of 40 times. They have their place, but I’ll take a 4.6 RB with great vision, good initial acceleration and balance any day over a 4.3 guy with a lot less of those other three qualities. So to make the 2012 NFL Combine more interesting, I’m holding another contest. Your job […]