RSP Combine Contest: Guess the 40 Times

Can you guess RGIII's 40 time at the 2012 NFL Combine? If you do, you could win a free RSP. Photo by cmiked.

I’m not big proponent of 40 times. They have their place, but I’ll take a 4.6 RB with great vision, good initial acceleration and balance any day over a 4.3 guy with a lot less of those other three qualities. So to make the 2012 NFL Combine more interesting, I’m holding another contest.

Your job is to guess the 40 times of Robert Griffin III, Chris Polk, and Alshon Jeffery. The closest person to guess any of these times correctly (the first person for each player)  wins a free copy of an issue of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio from 2006-2010. Here’s the details:

  1. Go to my Rookie Scouting Portfolio Page on Facebook.
  2. “Like” my Facebook page.
  3. List the 40 times under each wall post I’ve created (How fast will Robert Griffin III run the 40? How fast will Chris Polk run the 40?, etc.) .
  4. Don’t post the times on my personal Facebook wall, in a Twitter response, or on this blog – those entries will be disqualified.

If one of you guesses all three correctly (to the 100th of a second), I will give you this year’s and 2013’s RSP free.

Are you ready to be a human stopwatch? Go to my Facebook page and give it a shot.

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