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Matt Waldman is a football writer and analyst. His annual publication, The Rookie Scouting Portfolio, is the most comprehensive evaluation of NFL Rookie Prospects at the skill positions (QB, RB, WR, and TE) available. Take a video tour here.

Matt’s work is used by Dan Hatman’s Scouting Academy as part of its curriculum and his clientele includes scouts, media, and fantasy players alike.

The RSP was recently featured in The New York Times throughout the month of April leading to 2011-2013 NFL Drafts.

Matt is a staff writer at Footballguys.com where he pens The Weekly Gut Check and The Top 10His inventive and risk-friendly fantasy analysis is also featured annually in Fantasy Sports Publications.

Matt began the Football Outsiders column “Futures,” which he penned for three years before leaving the site to pursue player evaluation full-time.

Listen to Matt, Sigmund Bloom and Cecil Lammey on The Audible Roundtable on Thursday nights at 10pm EST (podcasts also available for download at iTunes).

Matt has been a frequent on-air guest with Bob Harris and Mike Dempsey’s show on Sirius XM, Sigmund Bloom’s On the Couch Podcasts, and has been featured on ESPN, NFL.com’s fantasy podcast, and The Ringer

You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattWaldman


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6 responses to “About Matt Waldman”

  1. Matt: Wouldn’t it have been wiser for the Skins to take Tannehill at #6 rather than trading for the #2 pick (RGIII)? I guess the difference is that RGIII has a much higher ceiling than Tannehill, right?

    • The ceiling is higher, but I think it is tough to really believe the difference between Griffin and Tannehill will be so much higher. However, the biggest reason for the deal was Cleveland. They eventually want to replace Colt McCoy. With Cleveland in front of them, they didn’t have has much control over who they could choose. Although Cleveland may wait until round two or later to select a QB, that wouldn’t have been the case if Griffin were still in play.

  2. You mentioned Eric Stoner, Greg Cossel, Chris Brown, Doug Farrar and some other analysts that you like to follow on the last Audible. Could you make a comprehensive list of those NFL minds whose opinion and/or film analysis you follow and respect the most? thx!

  3. I’m a first time RSP participant and your content is arguably second to how well you can detail/express your thoughts through writing. Not trying to dick ride just a fan of your content. While I can’t find anything I was curious if you ever wrote anything about the Manning/Leaf draft as prospects? Anyway, thanks for doing all the hard work that we fantasy degenerates Edison the shit out of!


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