Announcement: The Audible Live! Thursday Night

Matt Waldman and Jeff Bell take over the Audible Live! Thursday Night show during the season on Thursdays at 10 pm Eastern. 

Chopping it up with Jene Bramel, Cecil Lammey, and Sigmund Bloom has been one of my favorite hangs for the past 14 years. So many readers and analysts in the fantasy space have shared their Audible Live! stories. Some grew up listening to us. Others watched us grow up — or regress to childhood on air.

Most have shared that they love the chemistry we share: It felt like I was at a bar, watching a game, and experiencing conversations that you’d expect among great friends. 

Change is inevitable. Commitments evolve and take priority in ways they didn’t in the past. Most of you have noticed based on the juggling of personnel over the past two years.

I can safely say that the four of us will miss podcasting together on a regular basis and there’s some discussion about having a farewell to an end of an era. We’ll see if we can pull that off down the line. If not, I’m certain at least 2-3 of us will find a way to do some shows in the future.

I’d like to thank Cecil and Bloom for encouraging me to continue the show under The Audible Live! banner. They’re a great two-man team that started the Audible podcast channel at Footballguys. They continue to deliver excellent fantasy football content throughout the week.

Cecil is a fantastic host who can change gears on a dime and an even better friend. What can you say about Bloom? He’s one of the first people in this industry that I could riff with in any direction. He’s one of the most generous colleagues one can encounter in this industry.

I appreciate them recognizing me back in 2006 as a fellow individual with the football sickness and, when I joined the staff in 2009, the bent frame of mind to fit in well with them. I have loved being the instigator and prankster who often took the show off the rails during its early years.

Of course, Bramel was a fantastic addition. His injury analysis and football knowledge are a combination are uncommon. His quiet sense of humor is a joy. His generosity of spirit to his friends (and strangers) is a rare gift.

As they say, the show must go on. While Cec, Sig, and Jene are on a long assignment, I’m sticking around. I’m thrilled that Jeff Bell (@4WhomJBellTolls) will be my co-host.

We’re going to keep the show at the same time. It won’t be on YouTube, but it will be simulcast on Twitter. It will remain a loosely structure show with plenty of opportunity to engage with listeners, talk about the game, and wherever the game takes us — including dynasty, re-draft, Devy, and the NFL Draft.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at 10 pm Eastern, Thursday Nights. You can catch it later on The Audible Podcast Channel at Footballguys.

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