Fantasy GMs Mishandling Jonathan Taylor, the Myth of Roster Balance, Practice Squad Players, and the FBGs Subscriber Contest: RSP Cast Film and Theory with Adam Harstad and Matt Waldman


Footballguys staff writer Adam Harstad joins RSP Film and Data as Matt Waldman’s cohost for the 2023 football season to discuss practices that will make you a better fantasy GM and NFL fan.

There are a lot of excellent writers and analysts in the fantasy industry. There are few that I hold in as high a regard as Adam. He’s a forthright human being with a tremendous intellect whose approach to analysis in this space differs from most.

He’s also an excellent fantasy GM in re-draft and dynasty formats. Unlike Dwain McFarland, whose work delves into the statistical process, Adam spends a lot of time examining results and dealing with broad themes of decision-making that help us become better fantasy players and fantasy analysts.


  1. How fantasy GMs are mishandling the Jonathan Taylor situation.
  2. Why trades before the season can be predatory and unproductive.
  3. Don’t write off NFL players sent to the practice squad.
  4. Why a balanced roster may not be as much of a strength as you think.
  5. Strategic thoughts on the Footballguys Subscriber Contest.

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