Signal vs. Noise in NFL Camps: Going Deep with Angelo and Waldman

On episode two of the Going Deep podcast, Brandon Angelo and Matt Waldman discuss the NFL camp news on players that we believe are more signal or more noise as well as players whose production could be on the decline.

Brandon Angelo works in sports and human performance. A former 4-time All-American and Power Five conference champion sprinter, Brandon is a mentor, instructor, and guide for athletes. He’s also the proprietor of Angelo Analysis, a subscription-based fantasy website devoted to player evaluation.
After doing a few podcasts together during the past 12 months, Brandon and I decided we would enjoy having a recurring show to discuss aspects of player evaluation and NFL Draft topics that you don’t often hear about in mainstream media. This pre-draft pod about the NFL’s disparities with 40 times and several more ’23 draft and free agent topics is a must-listen.
Going Deep will feature podcasts twice a month. You can either watch/listen on YouTube, listen from the player at the bottom of the page, or download the podcast at most outlets, including Google, Spotify, and iTunes.

This Week’s Topics

  • Why Brandon Aiyuk’s 2022 season served notice that he’s about to become a top primary NFL receiver.
  • Aiyuk’s development and the addition of Christian McCaffrey; what it means for the production of George Kittle and Deebo Samuel.
  • The Detroit news on Jahmyr Gibbs makes Gibbs Angelo’s favorite rookie and not at David Montgomery’s expense.
  • How Philadelphia’s offense could make D’Andre Swift’s job easier. Spoiler alert: It’s not the offensive line.
  • Waldman believes there’s a potential scenario for Dalton Kincaid to deliver 1,100 yards and 10 TDs in Buffalo this year.
  • Even if that scenario doesn’t occur, Waldman and Angelo believe Kincaid will still have a role to deliver top-10 TE production as a rookie.
  • The noise and the signal of Elijah Moore’s wealth of camp targets.
  • Darren Waller is by far the primary receiver in New York.
  • Zay Flowers is a reason why Rashod Bateman’s brief opportunity to become a top producer in Baltimore may be over and the three cities where Waldman believes Bateman would be better suited to perform to his talents.
  • Khalil Herbert may be one of the 12-15 best pure runners in the NFL but why Chicago is ultimately a bad fit for realizing Herbert’s talents.
  • The skills that make D.J. Moore far and away the top option in the Bears’ passing game.
  • Any news about Chase Claypool becoming a top producer is noise.
  • Tyjae Spears could finally be the RB to become a legitimate running mate with Derrick Henry and why this could be Henry’s last year in Tennesee.

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If you’re a fantasy owner and interested in purchasing past publications for $9.95 each, the 2012-2022 RSPs also have a Post-Draft Add-on that’s included at no additional charge.  

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