New RSP Cast Coming Soon: Going Deep with Brandon Angelo and Matt Waldman

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio announces a new bi-weekly podcast with Brandon Angelo, beginning in July.
Brandon Angelo works in sports and human performance. A former 4-time All-American and Power Five conference champion sprinter, Brandon is a mentor, instructor, and guide for athletes. He’s also the proprietor of Angelo Analysis, a subscription-based fantasy website devoted to player evaluation.
After doing a few podcasts together during the past 12 months, Brandon and I decided we would enjoy having a recurring show to discuss aspects of player evaluation and NFL Draft topics that you don’t often hear about in mainstream media. This pre-draft pod about the NFL’s disparities with 40 times and several more ’23 draft and free agent topics is a must-listen.
Going Deep will begin within the next two weeks and we’ll be creating new podcasts twice a month.

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