The Power Rank Analytics Podcast with RSP’s Matt Waldman

Ed Feng welcomes Matt Waldman to the Power Rank Podcast for a conversation about player development and scouting prospects for the NFL Draft.

Matt Waldman, the creator of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and senior writer for Football Guys, joins the show for a wide-ranging conversation. Highlights include:

  • The wildly overrated 1st round QB in the 2023 NFL draft (11:38)
  • Baker Mayfield (17:50)
  • The QB that might seem overrated but isn’t (21:10)
  • Anthony Richardson’s development (28:57)
  • How NFL players develop skills (35:25)
  • The difference between college and the NFL (39:40)
  • Talent vs hard work (42:16)
  • The mental aspect of playing wide receiver, Kenny Golladay, Gabriel Davis (52:36)

This is one of my favorite conversations every year. I highly recommend purchasing a copy of the 2023 Rookie Scouting Portfolio.


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