The Smash Accept Podcast: 2023 Rookie Talk from RSP’s Matt Waldman

John & Dad talk ’23 rookies with the great Matt Waldman, Rookie Scouting Portfolio author where he comps players, breaks down prospects & helps you smash your rookie draft.

You can also listen to the full podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Now in its 18th year of publication, the RSP is one of the two most purchased independent scouting guides by NFL scouts and personnel management, according to SMU’s Director of Recruiting, Alex Brown.

It’s also the only one of the two guides that also considers a fantasy audience that includes a Post-Draft guide with a tiered cheat sheet of over 200 players and used ADP data to calculate a sweet spot for where to maximize value relative to my post-draft views on prospects.

You get the RSP here. When the Post-Draft is ready, I’ll email you and you can download it from the same site.

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