Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Game of Thrones Mock Combat Tourney: The Early Matchups with Mark Schofield

SBNation’s Mark Schofield returns to the show to play through the opening fights from our mock combat tourney with Game of Thrones warriors.

Imagine an 18-combatant tourney to the death with the warriors from Game of Thrones. Who excels in various facets of fighting?  Who are the favorites and underdogs if we seeded them? And, how do we think a tourney would play out?

This week, Mark and I kick off this mock tournament with a look at the opening battles:

  • Who is the highest seed most likely to be upset by an underdog?
  • Who got the worst opening-round draw?
  • Who are the combatants we think might have on 4-6 times out of 10 against their opponent, but we still chose their opponent?
  • Why is Mark obsessed with John Stark fighting Ned Stark?
  • Which matchup is like Tampa Brady versus Herbert?
  • Combatants we think are most likely to make critical errors that undermine their physical or technical advantages?

If you enjoyed Game of Thrones and have fun listening to Mark and me, you’ll enjoy this series. Stay tuned next week for Round Two of the tourney.

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