The VALUE of Film FF Astronauts Podcast with Daniel Harms and Matt Waldman

Matt Waldman’s RSP joins Daniel Harms to discuss fantasy values that have paid off and break down a few Week 8 games that excite us. 

If you’re on Twitter and don’t follow Daniel Harms (@InHarmsWay19), change that. Harms is a part of RGR Football, a Chiefs-centric YouTube channel with a friend of the RSP, Ryan Tracy. Harms also works with RSP alum, J. Moyer at the excellent FFAstronauts site.

I joined Daniel this week on his podcast and we spent a little more than an hour talking ball:

  • Values that have worked out and why:
    • Josh Jacobs
    • Amari Cooper
    • Chris Olave
    • Geno Smith
  • The Colts’ quarterback change:
    • Why they did it – on and off the field.
    • The fantasy fallout by position.
  • Lions – Dolphins
    • Our projected outcomes
    • Who has big games?
  • Cardinals – Vikings
    • Which receiving corps has a better game?
    • What the Cardinals need to address with its offense

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