Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: New 2022 Podcast Show Lineups

Change is in the air and Matt Waldman announces his podcast lineup for the 2022 season.

You’re going to see significant changes to my podcasts in the coming weeks. I’ll be doing a lot more of them. Some will be longer formats (45-60 minutes), and others will be solo casts of one topic (20 minutes).

The plan is to do five a week. I also have some new co-hosts joining me for shows that I’ll do with them on a rotational basis:

  • RSP-Campus to Canton Cast with Felix Sharpe: We’ll be learning about college underclassmen who could become significant prospects worth studying in future RSPs.
  • NFL Scene with TD Wire’s Laurie Fitzpatrick: My sister in film study will be joining me to talk about the league.
  • Scout Talk with Russ Lande: Russ is a former Browns and Rams scout and current head of U.S. Scouting at the Montreal Alouettes. He’ll e back to talk about everything that has to do with scouting football—prospects, behind-the-scenes stories, and league events pertaining to the craft.
  • RSP Film and Data with Footballguys’ Adam Harstad: An excellent fantasy resource, Adam comes from a data perspective in a way that’s unique to the industry. He’s good at discussing theory and practical application. He’s also a fine fantasy GM in re-draft and dynasty.

He’s a tentative schedule of the pods listed above you can expect to see at the site as well as at the podcast service you use to download.

  • Monday
    • Feel It or #$@* It (Working Title): The quickest-hitting, actionable insights from Sunday. Screw the details, we’ll have all week for it. Not for younger childen.
  • Tuesday: Alternating weeks
    • RSP-Campus to Canton with Felix Sharpe
    • NFL with TD Wire’s Laurie Fitzpatrick
  • Wednesday: Alternating weeks of Scout Talk with Russ Lande with the following…
    • RusseScouting Tip of the Week
    • Prospect Spotlight 
    • A YouTube RSP Boiler Room or Film Room
  • Thursday: RSP Film and Data with Adam Harstad
  • Friday: I’ll be alternating two non-football topic pods of 20 minutes, tops.
    • Reads Listens Views: I’m bringing something I used to do on this site, which is sharing things I’m consuming outside of football—art, music, movies, TV, etc.
    • Storytime: I’ve been told I have some great stories to share. Some of them are mine. The ones that aren’t will be awesome.

I’m excited to see how this evolves.


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