Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room with Mark Schofield: QB Skylar Thompson (K-State)

Matt Waldman and Mark Schofield examine the tape of Kanas State QB Skylar Thompson a legitimate QB prospect not associated with the top names of this class, but should he be? 

As I shared recently, Skylar Thompson is a legitimate talent. What I didn’t share is that I think his talent belongs in the same tier as the top passers in this class, but he won’t be drafted there. In this week’s RSP Film Room, Mark Schofield and I examine Thompson’s game from a sample that includes three different years of performances as well as discuss thoughts we’ve gleaned from those behind the scenes in the football world.

Thompson is a savvy and tough pocket manager with the mobility and creativity to keep plays on-script as well as generate big ones off it. Although there are decision-making errors that we show, you’ll also notice that most of his flaws are about estimating his own abilities as opposed to not understanding what’s happening in front of him. In fact, he routinely demonstrates an awareness and logic—especially in the red zone that belies his years.

There are a lot of good NFL players with qualities that Thompson has in common. We discuss those aspirational comparisons as well as what events could happen during the NFL Draft that could help or hurt Thompson’s cause as a likely Day Three selection.

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One response to “Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room with Mark Schofield: QB Skylar Thompson (K-State)”

  1. Hi Matt!

    As a coping Seahawks fan (who is deeply in the 5 stages of grief), is Seattle a place that would excite you if they took Thompson in the 4th?

    I’m holding out hope they can snag Ryan as a bridge to stay competitive, but I watched the Seahawks Press Conference yesterday, and it seems like there is a QB they’ve identified in this class.

    Given that Thompson can play under center, create when necessary, hang tough in the pocket, I think his skillset might match with what Pete likes in an offense.

    Thanks again for all the work you do! I’ve been buying the RSP since 2012 and there is no better piece of draft content on the planet!

    (I just need to find your evil twin who scouts defense)

    Hope all is well!

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