Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: The 2022 RB Class Solo Cast

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast discusses his tiers for the 2022 NFL Draft Running Back prospects — a class with a lot of high-ceiling backs — and covers what matters in is scouting of the position. 

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This week’s Pod:

  • Why the state of the NFL running back and this class generates an odd situation.
  • Why this class could be as good as as the Barkley-Chubb or McCaffrey-Fournette classes but has a trap-door floor.
  • Defining and explaining the details of vision, mobility, acceleration vs. speed, and contact balance.
  • Notable positives and flaws from Tier I.
  • The difficult evals, boom-bust athletes, and sneaky technicians from a large Tier II.
  • The fit-based backs of Tier III: A natural, a bulldozer with sweet feet, and a do-it-all back who just might not do any of it well enough.
  • Two Tier III options might be late bloomers.
  • Players I didn’t like as much as the billing I’ve seen on them.
  • Players who have something to their games that might help them surprise as contributors or quality reserves.

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