Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room with Mark Schofield: QB Kenny Pickett (Pitt) The 3.5 QTR QB1

Mark Schofield joins Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room to examine the game of 2022 NFL Draft prospect Kenny Pickett, and why the QB for Pitt may only have a QB1 game for three and a half quarters. 

Repeat after me: Kenny Pickett is not a bust because of what I’m about to read below. 

As mentioned in last week’s RSP Film Room on Matt Corral, Kenny Pickett is in a tight race for QB1 with Matt Corral and a pair of other quarterbacks to be named soon, and based on what’s left to analyze, Pickett’s value as QB is losing steam fast.

A strong prospect with advanced skills with coverage reads, pocket presence, mobility, and ball placement, Pickett’s mastery of these areas short-circuit too often after the first 3.5 quarters of ball games or when he lacks a pre-snap plan against pressure. Mark Schofield and I take you through the late-game mishaps against Miami, North Carolina, and Virginia that suggest Pickett is a QB1-caliber prospect until the moments of gravitas begin — those 3-5 plays that carry more weight.

Again: These issues don’t make Kenny Pickett a future bust.

These issues, if not something he matures past with more in-game experience (which I doubt he will), will render him a capable player who can power a productive offense and help NFL teams win games, but like Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, and (depending on the side of the debate you’re on…) Baker Mayfield, Pickett may not have the wherewithal to carry a team on his shoulders for key moments at a time on as consistent of a basis.

In other words, Pickett may be more of a promising Baker with aspiring Chef tendencies but the chaos of food service with staff in the weeds short-circuits his strengths. The complexity of Pickett as a first-round prospect is fitting for a class where teams will face a quandary with any of the first 4-6 prospects considered potential a Day 1 pick.

It makes quarterback one of the most fun positions to dive into this year for draftniks albeit frustrating for those in the fantasy space who only want the answers so they can return to their party planning committee.

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