Matt Waldman’s RSP Twitter Vids: WR Justyn Ross (Clemson): Reading Leverage

Matt Waldman’s RSP examines a play from Justyn Ross’ 2021 campaign that reveals his skill with reading coverage and working open for his quarterback. 

The only concern I have with Justyn Ross as an NFL Draft prospect is his medicals. Ross had a history of stingers that led to him discovering that he had a congenital fusion condition in his neck and spine that required surgery.

The procedure cost Ross, arguably one of the brightest college stars at his position, the 2020 season. After a grueling rehabilitation, Ross took the field in 2021 but his production didn’t mirror his pre-surgical seasons.

The answer to what happens when your next quarterback lacks the same passing skills as Trevor Lawrence.

What shouldn’t happen, but likely will is a significant drop in Ross’s draft stock. A graceful athlete with excellent technique at the line of scrimmage against press, Ross also has a conceptual feel for the game that you want to see from a future NFL starter.

Here’s a touchdown against NC State where Ross demonstrates his understanding of the coverage as well as the leverage of the safety over him. Although it’s an athletic catch, the most impressive part of this is how Ross communicates what he sees to his scrambling quarterback before he even attacks the opponent’s angle.

Here’s Ross showing that he has a plan against two defenders in coverage in a clutch moment.

As long as the medicals don’t generate a red flag, Ross deserves your attention and a strong valuation among this class of receivers.

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