Matt Waldman’s RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield 1.19.22

Matt Waldman and Mark Schofield reconvene for conversations about the NFL players, games, and scouting in this weeks RSP Quick Game.

Topic List:

  1. Has Kyler Murray been found out as a QB with a flawed pocket gm? If so, how much does it matter for his career, the Cards, and scouting QBs?
  2. First impressions about an added playoff matchup.
  3. Is the Buccaneers offense experiencing an addition by subtraction?
  4. Advice-feedback we would give to veteran beat writers if they were open to hearing it.
  5. Are we about to see the scatback era we were supposed to see rise go the way of Jermichael Finley and the rise of the hybrid TE? Or, the real point: can we stop trying to create trends because the cycle is so short lived when pinpointing how the best teams cultivate an edge.
  6. What are some rules of zone coverage/route running that will make people better at scouting the passing game?
  7. Mike McCarthy. Go.
  8. A player who faded from the NFL scene who you thought was on the verge of big things?
  9. Is the timing of Jimmy Garropolo’s injuries this year meant the 49ers kind of lucked in to an ideal, or at least better than average development track for Trey Lance? He got a start, then got several weeks to learn and improve before getting another start.
  10. What’s a big part of football analysis that you don’t think most people will ever truly grasp.
  11. The first seven minutes of this video was me and how I arrived at my decision to change careers and my mindset
  12. What has been our mindsets for making big changes or starting this career we have out of the ashes of the old one?
  13. A prospect of note that we watched recently.

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