Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room No. 225: WR Charleston Rambo (Miami)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room examines WR Charleston Rambo a former four-star recruit at Oklahoma who made his mark after transferring to Miami. 

I love tough and smart receivers. In this respect, Charleston Rambo qualifies. Rambo works well with his quarterback, stands up to physical play with and without the ball, and has already developed a lot of the technical savvy to become a strong NFL route runner.

After studying his game, how I feel about Rambo as a prospect requires perspective. If viewing him with the expectation that the Oklahoma Sooners had as a future primary option like Marquise Brown or CeeDee Lamb who can match up against most cornerbacks, you’ll always leave the film room disappointed.

If you abandon that context and look at Rambo for what he is — a possession receiver who can earn vertical separation with selected targets — there’s potential that he can become an NFL starter. It will come down to three things:

  1. Does he have the quickness to separate on enough vertical routes to defeat a secondary corner or thrive from the slot?
  2. Can he learn to catch the ball at earlier windows of arrival?
  3. If he doesn’t learn to attack the ball with the optimal technique, can he still win in the NFL as he has at Miami?

I’m more confident in Rambo answering the first two questions. In order for Rambo to answer the third question, he’ll have to demonstrate reliability with a lackluster technique that I’ve only seen Terry McLaurin and Golden Tate deliver as legitimate starters during the 17 years I’ve been studying receivers. I’m not saying Rambo can’t do it, but the odds are against it.

Even so, this doesn’t rule out the potential for Rambo to become a contributor if he doesn’t address all of his improvable flaws. However, it’s those improvable flaws as well as the lower ceiling he has as an athlete who is lighter and slower than your prototypical starters that makes Rambo a likely mid-round option.

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