RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman Week 14

Matt Waldman’s RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield discusses plays from NFL playbooks that we dislike, the Eagles quarterbacks, USC’s Drake London, Notre Dame’s Kyren Williams, and the craft of scouting. 

  1. What’s your least favorite offensive play that’s common to NFL playbooks?
  2. What are your thoughts about Taysom Hill’s long-term prospects as a QB?
  3. Gardner MInshew-Jalen Hurts? Is there a debate about who should start? Was this the plan all along?
  4. College prospect(s) of note.
  5. From Chris Kinda — honorary executive producer for today’s show:  I find it fascinating that both @MattWaldmanand @MarkSchofield are successful after drastically making a change well into their careers. I’m curious, for the RSP podcast, what skills/traits have you learned doing seemingly unrelated jobs/hobbies that helped with this success? For example, my previous competitive golf career taught me analysis and problem solving, which I combined with my interest in finance to have a successful career in threat finance.
  6. Thoughts on this statement about scouting: “When evaluating players, the opposition is the variable but what the player does within his control to create potentially positive outcomes is the constant.”
  7. Pick two positions and explain to me something you observe with those two positions in the NFL that is low-hanging fruit for them to improve and what would you prescribe for them to improve it?
  8. You can pick a football analyst other than Dan Orlovsky to quit football and start a food truck. Based on their food picks, which analysts make your shortlist?
  9. Team that was most exposed due to injuries this week?
  10. What’s more demoralizing a 20-play drive that results in a 4th down stop and no points or not getting across midfield for an entire first half of football?
  11. How much does Tom Brady prevent sacks on the sheer basis of him knowing where he wants to go with the ball before the snap vs quarterbacks like Drew Lock (or even higher functioning like Stafford) who don’t usually have a plan until the ball is snapped?
  12. Hard Lessons: What was a hard lesson in your life that you had to learn that has made a difference in your life?
  13. The Chiefs: Are they collectively in a malaise? Were you ever on a team where it was in an emotional funk?
  14. Something New: What’s something you tried recently that you never tried before…it can be a book, a show, food, or some other experience.

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