Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast with Dwain McFarland: The Dividends of Perspective

PPF’s Dwain McFarland stops by Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast for an extended conversation about the dividends of an organically gained sense of perspective and how this ties to player evaluation, NFL organizations, and fantasy football. 

Dwain McFarland took a two-year sabbatical from the corporate world. Whether it was a movie, television show, magazine story, or podcast, you’ve had experience with the story of someone who leaves a major part of their world behind and gains something more valuable from the experience.

These stories don’t often delve into why. We live in a society where there’s great demand for instant insight. It trickles down from the workplace to our entertainment.

Most of us have bought into the idea that technology has made us capable of gaining insights at an unprecedented rate of speed. We’re able to communicate raw knowledge faster than ever.

However, the human mind has always been a knowledge junkie. New information is sugar or entertainment for the brain. Taking the time and effort to learn how to apply that information with great wisdom is a lot harder. It takes focus, discipline, routine effort, and space in between that effort—an underrated component—for our subconscious mind to processes the various applications of this knowledge.

Dwain and I spend the hour discussing the value of time off, why it’s vital to honor the organic development of perspective, and how consistent practice can eventually generate value even after you take time away from the process. We discuss how this applies to player evaluation, fantasy football, and the NFL’s world.

This topic is one of the underlying reasons why most people miss the mark when they expect instant “lessons learned,” especially with scouting. They’re so driven to have a decision that will help them be right, that they sacrifice wisdom for instant knowledge that may not be accurate long-term.

I’ve seen this with player evaluation, analysis of team decision-making, and in people’s personal lives. This podcast doesn’t promise instant insights, but let it sit for a bit.

You may gain something of organic value down the line that helps you with topics you usually come here to learn about as well as those outside the sphere of the playing field.

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