Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Quick Game Week 12 with Mark Schofield

Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman deliver a pre-Thanksgiving podcast with a mix of NFL and Turkey Day talk. 

Mark Schofield and I reconvene for a Week 12 Quick Game that combines football and holiday talk.

  1. Benching Tua Tagovailoa: Good or bad for the young quarterback?
  2. Can the Cowboys go on a winning streak with Andy Dalton back?
  3. Thoughts on Phillip Walker
  4. Can Dez Bryant be a statistically-relevant producer in Baltimore?
  5. The savior complex and Lamar Jackson
  6. Players we think could play in any era that might surprise listeners.
  7. Taysom Hill’s debut.
  8. Worst/best fantasy teams we’ve fielded this year.
  9. Fondest, funniest, or oddest Thanksgiving memory.
  10. What kind of joints is Waldman reading about?
  11. Scariest defenders Mark and Matt have seen play.
  12. Weird neighborhood stories from our youth.

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