Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Running Back and Scout Talk with Nick Whalen, Dynasty Nerds

Matt Waldman and Nick Whalen chop it up with a discussion about Jonathan Taylor’s game, the underrated difficulty of the running back position and an in-depth geek session focused on various details of scouting football talent. 

If you’re an RSP long-timer, then you know Nick Whalen used to contribute to this site shortly after his days as a GA for Western Kentucky’s football team. Nick writes at Dynasty Nerds, an excellent site with terrific video content, and he has started his own YouTube channel with football analysis episodes he calls “Reel Talk.”

Nick is also the author of the Devy Report, which you can find details for purchasing pinned to his Twitter account @_NickWhalen.

A few weeks ago, Nick and I got together to watch Jonathan Taylor. Nick had recently done a video critiquing where Taylor had to grow as a prospect whereas I was recently trying to calm a segment of Indianapolis Colts fans who worried Taylor was the next Trent Richardson.

As is often the case, Nick and I were approaching Taylor’s game from opposite standpoints but winding up in the same place: Taylor is a talented back with more to learn, and he’s exhibiting some rookie behaviors that need refinement.

From that session, Nick and I learned things from each other about running back play that we shared in this podcast. We also discuss the underrated difficulty of learning the running back position that’s too often overlooked.

Later, we delve into the intricacies of evaluating talent.

It’s always great to catch up with Nick and we’ll be doing a film session together in the near future.

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