Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Draft Scouting Report on Eagles WR Travis Fulgham

Matt Waldman shares a sample pre-draft scouting report on Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Travis Fulgham, a player who earned a rotational starter grade prior to the 2019 NFL Draft. 

Depth of Talent Score: 80.3 = Rotational Starter: Executes at a starter level in a role that plays to their strengths (On the cusp of Contributor Tier).

Fulgham is a physical player with sticky hands as a receiver and blocker. He has a style similar to Michael Crabtree.
Fulgham does a notable job of earning separation with a three-step release. He pairs it with a reduction of his shoulder or drumming his arms with an outside release and then turning inside and clearing his man with the arm-over.

His rip and chops work right now but will need more violence. Fulgham gets off the line with low pads and will dip and stack effectively. He has some suddenness with his release moves.

Fulgham has notable acceleration when executing stems on intermediate and deep routes. With his long arms, quick turns, and willingness to lean into tight coverage, he does a good job of setting up his break—especially when he’s executing sudden speed breaks with tight turns.

Fulgham also runs a quick hook and hitch with one long drive step into the break. This drive step isn’t consistently on his tape, but he’s making strides.

He widens his stems late in his routes. When targeted near the boundary, he shows excellent technique with dragging his feet. While Fulgham can drag his feet at the boundary he must continue developing his skill to get both feet inside the

Fulgham makes effective back-shoulder turns and catches with a good attack of the ball between Cover 2 defenders. He’ll take hits to his back—even two hits in succession by the safety and trailing cornerback—and still maintain possession of the ball. Fulgham also can take a hit to the chest on a skinny post and make the catch.

He’s a powerful runner who will drag safeties and his stiff-arm is powerful enough to ward off reaches, pull through wraps, and knock-down defenders to get too close. Fulgham can spin off opponents and execute quick jump-stops to find space downfield. His ball carriage is high, but the elbow can be tighter. He switches the ball as appropriate to the situation.

Fulgham’s stalk blocking is good enough to shield opponents with good hand placement and footwork. He’s the type of blocker who can be relentless once he latches onto his opponent.

Fulgham is likely a career backup but there’s enough promise to his game that the right opportunity and continued work could earn him a true shot at weekly production.

Travis Fulgham Highlights

Pre-NFL Draft Fantasy Advice: Fulgham is a good late-round pick for leagues with large rosters. He might earn a bump if a team is enamored with his potential and takes him on Day Two of the NFL Draft. I don’t expect this to happen.

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