The RSP Quick Game Week 4 with Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman

Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman renew the RSP Cast Quick game with this Week 4 discussion that covers the NFL gamut.

We’re back, and Mark Schofield has his Minshew game face. The 2020 Quick Game is underway with football talk covering the NFL and the NFL Draft.

We know you’ll love this week’s run-down:

  • Is Nick Mullens better than Jimmy Garoppolo?
  • James Robinson’s long-term outlook.
  • Hakeem Butler…tight end?
  • What are some common mistakes NFL teams make with talent evaluation?
  • Why are completion rates historically high and does a lack of holding calls factor into the data? Is there a way to staunch the defensive bleeding?
  • Was the Jaguars egg-laying performance against the Dolphins an end to Minshew Mania?
  • Is Drew Brees washed-up?
  • Thoughts on Cam Newton and Russell Wilson.
  • Expectations for Brett Rypien.
  • Our defenders of the month.
  • Why Mark loves German cuisine and why Matt loves Vietnamese cuisine.
  • Who instilled our passion for sports?
  • What we’d be doing for a living in an alternate reality.

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