Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens: #Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy Isn’t Antonio Brown. Reggie Wayne? Eventually.

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens examines the first pair of games from Jerry Jeudy’s rookie season and highlights the promise of his route running and catch-point toughness as well as the rookie mistakes that first-year receivers make. 

We’re only a month into the NFL season and Jerry Jeudy has answered the few lingering questions about his game. Is he Antonio Brown incarnate? Over the middle, he’s in the general vicinity, but as an outside receiver? Try again, he’s not that sudden.

Unless you did the due diligence to watch the internal competition of Alabama Spring Games, many of Jeudy’s receptions at Alabama were uncontested. Can he handle physical play and still win the football?

As you’ll see below, Steelers middle linebacker Devin Bush will bear witness to the time he tattooed Jeudy over the middle, and despite dropping the receiver like a sandbag, the rookie clung to the ball like it was more precious than his ribs.

And in case you were wondering, yes, even the best rookie prospects make careless errors on the field that are uncharacteristic of their college tape. There are reps where Jeudy slips during a route, attacks the ball at a later window of arrival than optimal, and turns upfield before he secures the target.

Jeudy drops the ball, is not a phrase you heard a lot during SEC games. While it was a far more common phrase than eager Broncos fans anticipated they’d hear about Jeudy, the frequency of its utterances will diminish no later than next year.

Despite the focus issues or the processing of information a half-beat behind the timing of the NFL, the refinement of Jeudy’s game is notable. If you’re waiting for Jeudy to become the next Antonio Brown, your sports-radio-fueled fever dreams need a bucket of cold water.

If you’re thinking of an aspiring Reggie Wayne, I can still get with that.

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