The Deep Cover Podcast Part II: Matt’s Background, his Racism Pod, and Advice to the Industry

The Deep Cover Podcast interview Matt Waldman about the football writing industry, life outside of football, and his podcast episode on racism in the America. 

Michael Crawford has been a contributor to the Russell Street Report and a guest on the RSP Cast. He has a standing offer to contribute to this site if he ever wants it.

Michael and his co-hosts Carey and Chris started the Deep Cover Podcast last September, and it’s an excellent show that’s a mix of Ravens-AFC North analysis, fantasy football talk, and a variety of non-football topics.

This trio hosted me for a long conversation about a variety of topics. Part I includes our thoughts on several NFL backfields and which are the best fantasy values this year.

Part Two is more of an interview. We began with my background and the advice I’d give aspiring football writers. The question posed to me was more about writers of color in an industry that is mostly white and male.

While I wish I shared a little more on that front, what occurred to me when asked that question was the advice I’d give the vast majority of white males who run websites that hire and manage writers–especially writers of color. That subject pretty much hijacked most of my thoughts, because I think it’s more important what these website owners and managers are doing (or most of the time, not doing…) that can make the football analysis industry a richer and more productive space.

They wrapped up the interview with a conversation about family and thoughts about my summer podcast, Things I’ve Learned About Race and America.

Check out Deep Cover on Spotify, Podtail, and iTunes.

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