Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room: WR Rashod Bateman (Minnesota)

The middle of the field is a difficult and dangerous place for wide receivers. 2021 NFL Draft prospect Rashod Bateman demonstrates that in this area of the field, retracting the ball is just as important as having a strong catch radius in this Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room episode.  

Rashod Bateman has excellent judgment and timing on the field and it apparently matches his decision-making off it. Bateman opted out of the college football season and declared for the 2021 NFL Draft.

Although I am rooting for a successful football season in the college and professional ranks, Bateman made the right call when you consider the risks involved with being on campus and playing a contact sport as an amateur. If my son were in this situation, I’d tell him to pursue the job and make a commitment to return to school when our nation eventually quells this pandemic.

Bateman doesn’t owe the University of Minnesota a year of football. He owes himself an opportunity to pursue a pro career and stay safe while doing so and there are too many risks–especially for a talented prospect like Bateman.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie Tyler Johnson was an excellent college player but Bateman is by far the best prospect of the two and arguably the best prospect on the team for the past three years. Bateman has the speed to win anywhere on the field and his coordination around the football is NFL-caliber.

Here’s Bateman matched up with Chicago Bears rookie, Kindle Vildor, a player who acquitted himself fabulously against Clemson’s top receiving corps as a press-man corner two years ago.

Any NFL team should be excited at the possibility of landing Bateman.

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