Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.271: Stair-Stepping with RB Kylin Hill (Miss St.)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room shows how 2021 NFL Draft prospect Kylin Hill stair-steps a downfield route, an advanced skill for a college runner.

In what seems like an unending series of posts debunking the notion that running backs are mindless yardage machines in a similar way that wildlife channels of my youth ignorantly characterized sharks and gorillas as operating purely on instinct, let’s broach the topic of receiving skills for the position. If you believe the Marlin Perkinses of football analysis a running back who can run and catch the fade or a wheel route, has done enough to earn the label of a good receiver.

The term “receiver” is deceptive enough. It influences us to think only about the act of catching the football. Route running is as important and although most running backs don’t have as diverse of a route tree as most receivers, we can’t overlook the value of the skill.

Kylin Hill displays elements of a good downfield route runner on this play against Alabama where he uses his stem to set up two points of coverage.

Hill display of route-running nuance makes him a promising running back prospect. And it’s an instructive piece of film for young running backs who want to be complete players.

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