Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room: Welcome RB Trey Ragas (Louisiana) to the Jordan Howard-Spencer Ware Zip Code

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room examines skills of Louisiana running back Trey Ragas, a 2021 NFL Draft sleeper who belongs in the same vicinity where Jordan Howard and Spencer Ware reside in the pantheon of power backs. 

If Trey Ragas were a boxer, he’d be a body puncher who works through your shots until he has you in the corner and then unloads a dump truck of granite on you. By the end of the second round, it dawns on you that he’s plowing through your best shots and your best shot is keeping your distance and out-pointing him from a distance.

Every team wants a back that pummels opposing defenders into making “business decisions” in the second half of ballgames. And every fan wants a breakaway threat.

It’s only until their team acquires a Jordan Howard or Spencer Ware–backs that bring a payload of big-play runs (gains of at least 12 yards) that fans gradually begin to appreciate that player’s consistency, reliability, physicality, and savvy. Ragas belongs in this zip code of NFL running backs.

This 15-minute examination of Ragas’ 100-yard efforts against Alabama and Georgia Southern reveals a smart decision-maker with the expertise to press creases, the agility to bend or cut away from pursuit, and the strength and contact balance to break multiple tackles against all shapes and sizes of defenders–and the full range of hits they deliver.

Ragas is an underrated NFL Draft prospect. If we have a 2020 season, keep an eye on his development. If not, don’t forget about him when you see his name linked with a team during or after the draft.

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