Matt Waldman’s RSP Quick Game with Mark Schofield:

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast returns with a July episode of the Quick Game with Mark Schofield and they cover everything from Cam Newton to marriage advice for Matt Harmon. 

In this 90-minute episode of the Quick Game, Mark Schofield and discuss a dozen juicy football topics, what we’re watching on TV these days, and marriage advice for Yahoo! Matt Harmon:

  • Who benefits most from Cam Newton in New England?
  • What factors are you taking into account with Antonio Brown’s potential signing with the Seattle Seahawks?
  • If the NFL restricts practice access to beat writers, what advice should fans heed about news from a second-hand source?
  • Is taking a blanket approach of caution with rookies due to the coronavirus too reactionary?
  • Have we abandoned our high expectations for Sammy Watkins too soon?
  • Skill players from teams that will employ 12 personnel as its base look that will win or lose due to the alignment.
  • Could we expect a record season from Tom Brady?
  • What we value about quarterback footwork when scouting collegians.
  • Will Drew Brees have another 5,000-yard campaign in 2020?
  • Is Teddy Bridgewater a good fit in Carolina? Is he Carolina’s “Joe Burrow” without the deep accuracy?
  • Our 2020 rookie sleepers.

And yes, TV talk and marital advice (or martial advice–depending on the marriage).

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