The College Draft with Ross Tucker and Matt Waldman: Track & Field Data with Tracking Football’s Brian Spilbeler

Rookie Scouting Portfolio author Matt Waldman and Ross Tucker discuss Track & Field data and its correlations to college football success with @TrckFootball’s Brian Spilbeler in this week’s College Draft.

Brian Spilbeler, vice president of Tracking Football, an analytics firm specializing in track and field data that has partnered with several college football teams in all divisions, joins the program for a conversation about the value of track and field analytics for college recruiting and its potential applications for the NFL.

Spilbeler shares the athletic backgrounds of players like J.J. Watt, Julio Jones, Rondale Moore, Steve Smith (yeah, THAT Steve Smith–and the OTHER Steve Smith), as well as explaining why track and field data is “true data” that college teams value. Spilbeler also describes how Tracking Football’s information has value for late-round picks and UDFA signings and the organization’s partnership with the Senior Bowl.

Listen to the show here.

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