Mark Schofield’s RSP Summer Scouting Series: Jimmy Garoppolo Part 1 (Footwork)

Mark Schofield begins his RSP Summer Scouting Series with an examination of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and his footwork. 

Summertime is the perfect time to get started on some more scouting.

For many, that means diving into the next crop of college prospects. While we here at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio will certainly partake in that endeavor, the summer is also time to recalibrate the context behind scouting.

That means instead of looking ahead, we look to the past.

Watching current players at various positions is a great way to prepare for the next scouting season. Seeing what works at each position – and what does not – provides the foundation for scouting potential NFL prospects.

This summer, we will be looking at players at various positions and illustrating what works in the NFL, and what does not. We begin, of course with the quarterback position. Jimmy Garoppolo is one of the quarterbacks we will be studying this summer, and in this three-part video series, we look at three plays in chronological order from San Francisco’s Week 1 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We examine footwork and how it offers a window into the mind of the quarterback, in this case, Garoppolo:

We will have more on Garoppolo, and a bevy of other quarterbacks and different position players, throughout the summer.

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