Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room: QB Trevor Lawrence (Clemson) with Mark Schofield

Rookie Scouting Portfolio writers Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman break down moments from four of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s 2019 performances that reveal a technically-sound passer with pocket presence and pre-snap/post-snap skills that any NFL team would covet.

Trevor Lawrence is an old-school quarterback in a new school body. His technique tells the tale. Look at the photo above. What you’re witnessing in this still moment is Lawrence dragging his back foot across the ground as he begins his throw. He’s doing so to keep the midline of that back foot aligned with his receiver breaking across the middle.

Ken Anderson, Dan Fouts, and Joe Montana had that kind of technique in challenging scenarios, and Lawrence demonstrates it repeatedly. Unlike this trio, Lawrence could also produce in an offense like Lamar Jackson’s in Baltimore if called upon. He’s a legit, top-tier quarterback prospect with a running back’s eyes, and feel, for setting up creases.

Mark Schofield and I spend just under an hour on our video hangout sharing clips from four games in 2019: Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. We see a versatile quarterback with the physical, technical, conceptual, and intuitive promise of a future NFL starter with Pro-Bowl upside.

There were three put-down-the-pen moments from this film session. The photo above is a snapshot of one of them. Check out the rest of the video for more.

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