Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: Love and Fromm

Matt Waldman discusses his research into the games of 2020 NFL quarterback prospects Jordan Love of Utah State and Georgia’s Jake Fromm—two players he’s beginning to see where he differs from the public.  

Only days away from beginning the final month of writing the 2020 Rookie Scouting Portfolio, the NFL Combine frequently marks the time where I realize where I differ from my peers and the public with certain prospects. This year, it appears that two of those players are Utah State’s Jordan Love and Georgia’s Jake Fromm.

I see Love as a first-day physical talent but not a first-day acumen for the game and while Fromm’s lack of elite velocity is a shortcoming, his overall arm talent is not as lacking as characterized. There’s also compelling evidence that Fromm will improve his velocity to the point that it won’t be an easy issue for opponents to prey upon.

As you’ll hear in this podcast, if Love succeeds based on rapid gains as a strategist and executioner I don’t think I’ll gain as much knowledge for my evaluation process as I will from Fromm succeeding or failing to develop additional throwing velocity. Listen below!

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  1. Great discussion–especially without a co-host! I listen to only one or two football podcasts, and those that are football oriented tend to be based around the draft.

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