Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room: WR CeeDee Lamb (Oklahoma)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room examines the tremendous game of Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb, a player celebrated for his athletic prowess and—as good as he is—underrated for his technical acumen. 

Is CeeDee Lamb fast enough? This is the draftnik-fantasy player NFL Combine drama surrounding Lamb’s prospects. Even if it’s more drama than a real issue, I understand the underlying concern—in the collective thinking of the public, receivers that weigh less than 210 pounds better possess the game-breaking speed to compensate for a lack of size.

The fantasy football community will obsess over this the most because they often approach their rookie drafts as if it is a surgical procedure and a receiver lacking great size or elite speed doesn’t intuitively feel like a strong fit at the top of the first round. I’m not disconcerted about the idea of Lamb running a 4.5-second, 40-yard dash and, even if he somehow bombed the drill and ran no higher than 4.6 seconds, he’ll remain a top-round option at the position.

Although I expect him to run well, Lamb as a complete game that doesn’t need Ted Ginn, Tyreek Hill, or even A.J. Brown’s (4.49) or N’Keal Harry’s (4.53) speed to deliver strong production in an NFL offense. He might be the best route runner in this class and that’s no slight to the tremendous work of Jerry Jeudy. Watch this episode of the RSP Film Room on Lamb below and you’ll understand why he has a complete game.

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