The College Draft with Ross Tucker and Matt Waldman: The Combine as a Scouting Tool

RSP writer Matt Waldman and College Draft host Ross Tucker discuss the usefulness of the NFL Combine as a scouting tool, including how Matt applies workout metrics, how his views have changed about interview questions, and how much the event can alter a player’s draft stock. 

With the NFL Combine days away, Ross and I discussed the application of the NFL Combine for NFL teams and independent scouts.

  • How much can the NFL Combine alter the grade of a prospect and why does it vary by the organization?
  • Which workouts does Matt value for specific offensive skill-players?
  • How can one workout metric compensate for another?
  • Why is it important to have a clear evaluation process before applying workout data?
  • Why has Matt’s opinion changed about the controversial questions that teams sometimes ask prospects that we see leaked every year?

Next week, we’ll discuss specific players participating in the event. Listen to this episode here.

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