Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room WR Quintez Cephus (Wisconsin): Physicality

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room dives into the tape of Wisconsin’s Quintez Cephus, a receiver who can take and give physical play like an NFL starter and has ball skills and route potential to build on.

If Quintez Cephus’s workouts meet the baselines I expect from him—which is a lower bar than you might expect—remember his name for the next 2-3 years worth of Sundays. Cephus has the on-field temperament of an NFL starter.

Regardless of how quick, fast, and strong Cephus might be, the threads of his game vital to receiver play offer a glimpse into his promise as future NFL contributor. Whether it’s his hand usage at the break-point, his skill to track difficult targets with his back to the ball, or his willingness to mix it up, the underlying theme of Cephus’s game is an unabashed approach to hitting and being hit.

If Cephus proves his athletic skills meet NFL starter baselines, he offers a mix of skills that could stylistically resemble Joe Horn or Roddy White. It’s a nice aspirational comparison for a young player lost among a rich class of 2020 NFL Draft prospects.

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