Mark Schofield’s RSP Scouting Lens: QB Jacob Eason (Washington) Reading the Middle Redux

Mark Schofield continues his RSP examination of 2020 NFL Draft prospect Jacob Eason of Washington and Eason’s quarterbacking in the middle of the field. 

Player evaluation often brings more questions than answers.

A few weeks ago, I began my work on Washington quarterback Jacob Eason. It led to this piece, where I examined his ability to read the middle of the field. As I was watching Eason, I had concerns about this part of his game. Then, as I wrote, “something cool happened.”

This week, I sat down to continue my work on the young passer, and I felt this strange feeling of deja vu. One of those moments where you are unsure if you have experienced something already, or whether it was just a dream, or your mind is really messing with you.

I felt that uncertainty about his ability to read between the hash marks.

Then some cool things happened:

Ultimately, the question I will likely need to grapple with is this: Eason shows the ability to read the middle of the field well…at times. But it is inconsistent. How do we weigh that?

(As many know…) In a former life, I was a trial attorney. During many a jury trial of mine, questions of “the weight afforded to evidence” came to light. These were ultimately questions for the jury or the judge in the case of a bench trial.

How much weight should one piece of evidence be given, in contrast with another? Which expert witnesses testimony is afforded more weight, the treating doctor who testified about the extent and severity of the Plaintiff’s injuries, or the hired gun expert who testified about their minimal effect.

In quarterback evaluation, when it comes to a trait like this, what gets more weight? That the player is inconsistent in this area, or that he has flashes of excellence amidst the mistakes?

If you can answer that question, you are a smarter person than I am…

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